This 10-minute text written and spoken by Shelley Etkin explores multiplicity through the pronoun ‘we’ in the contexts of co-creative collaborations with fungi, with human and non-human beings, with the hut, and with processes of growth and decomposition.
This text was created within the context of The Hut by Angela Schubot, Jared Gradinger, Alm Gnista, Stefan Rusconi and Shelley Etkin and many forms of fungi, plants, trees, soil, and weather conditions. There, a 100-year old traditional Finnish log hut was reconstructed in a public square of the Stoa Cultural Centre in Helsinki, hosted within the 2022 Moving in November festival. The hut became a garden inoculated with mycelium, grown with the intention to offer a place for fungi and plants to thrive, and a space for hosting encounters with these beings. The Hut is an invitation to witness life forms unfolding in ways that we may stand alongside, acknowledging unseen processes happening on other timescales. It is an experiment in regenerative ways of living within the 'symbiocene.'